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5 Ways to Reduce Risk and Boost Productivity
Using tons of apps? Not a problem.
Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual
Ransomware: Four Ways to Protect Data Now
5 Ways
5 Ways to Reduce Risk and Boost Productivity

To be productive, employees expect to be able to work on any device and from any location. IT is challenged with not only enabling this flexibility but also ensuring that corporate apps and data remain secure, no matter where or how they’re accessed.

In this e-book, you’ll learn how Citrix Workspace is the simplest way to deliver both the experience users expect with the security IT requires through:

  • Single sign-on everything people need, including apps, desktops, and files
  • Secure access from any device and location
  • Contextual, granular controls over access, including SaaS and the web
  • Ransomware and malware protection
  • End-to-end visibility across clouds, data centers, devices, users, and networks
Tech Stack
Using tons of apps? Not a problem.
“I wonder where our important files have run off to today.”

You don’t know how your content’s being used — or whether it’s secure — if you don’t know where it is in the first place. With work scattered across different systems, apps, and devices, you’re hard-pressed to know if your people are even getting work done.

Bring all of your apps together in one seamless platform, so there’s nothing left to wonder. That’s how integrations roll with Box.

Download our ebook, Powering Your Organization with a Best-of-Breed Productivity Stack. You’ll learn how to get your teams moving and and your files secured with best-of-breed technologies that connect all of your tools, all in one place.


Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual
Free your files! Get the most informative and complete hostage rescue manual on ransomware.

This manual is packed with actionable info that you need to prevent infections, and what to do when you are hit with ransomware. You will also receive a Ransomware Attack Response Checklist and Ransomware Prevention Checklist.

You will learn more about:
  • What is Ransomware?
  • Am I Infected?
  • I’m Infected, Now What?
  • Protecting Yourself in the Future
  • Resources
Don’t be taken hostage by ransomware. Download your rescue manual now!
4 Ransomware
Ransomware: Four Ways to Protect Data Now

As the threat of ransomware continues to grow, Citrix provides solutions and best practices to help prevent breaches and to ensure that data remains available in the event that an attack does occur.

This white paper explains 4 ways Citrix solutions help kidnap-proof your data: 

  • Shield users of web apps from infection and keep sensitive data off the endpoint by publishing virtualized, sandboxed and hardened browsers
  • Prevent email-borne ransomware from compromising the endpoint by publishing a virtualized, sandboxed and hardened email client
  • Protect mobile devices with containerization, encryption, blacklists and whitelists, and device compliance checks
  • Ensure the rapid recovery of ransomware-encrypted data with a secure and robust enterprise file sync and sharing service 
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